Quick Healthy snacks – Apricot bites

Apricot Bites

Make these yummy apricot snacks when you need something fast to take for a shared meal or nibbles.

Healthy and fast to put together they look colorful when arranged in rows on a flat platter and you will find they go down a treat - you may not want to share any !

These also look good as part of a platter with cheese bites, cheese straws or whatever is in the pantry.

Super simple, quick healthy and made in a flash - how to:
Dried Apricots - choose plump moist ones, spread with cream cheese, quark or clotted cream, pop an almond on top and arrange creatively.

More ideas,  swap almonds for cherries, pistachio nuts or cashews, try adding homemade jam or spread instead of the cream cheese,  get creative and see what else you can come up with.


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