Sweet Potato and Semolina Patties

Sweet Potato (Kumara) and Semolina Patties
  • Cook together 1 Kumara ( sweet potato)and 1 Potato - medium size and mash

  • Chop a bunch of parsley and several spring onions finely cut or chopped

  • 3 - 5 capfuls of Shoyu or Tamari

  • Semolina to mix

  • Mashed Tofu (couple of slices - optional but nice if you have some on hand - otherwise its almost as good without)

  • Mix and mold into patties. Roll in Semolina and cook in frypan
We make this often and it is always delicious and quick and easy to make - even my husband has been know to make it :)

Photo shows without parsley and spring onions as we had some great kumaras and no parsley or spring onions that had not gone to seed.

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Tree tomato/ Tamarillo Salsa to go with it will be posted soon ...


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