Fast and Easy Frozen Snack

Today has been roasting hot again and we have come up with a fast and easy frozen treat that tastes divine and is healthy. Kids love this frozen popsicle even more when if comes in a rocket mold or in the long popsicle shape just like the bought ones but you know what is in your own home made frozen treats.

Plum Ambrosia Popsicles - ambrosia as it tastes so scrummy and delicious !

We were given some plums that looked mouthwatering but tasted "mouthwateringly" sour and made our eyes water. We left them on the bench in disgust until we hit on the brainwave of iced plums , then even better, iced Popsicles and the tartness just adds to the flavor. How can something so good for you taste so good ?

How to:
  • Stew your plums
  • Add either sugar - honey for a healthier version
  • Take out the stones ( this is the most time consuming but stick with it as its so worth it when you taste it - besides they play havoc with your blender !
  • Blend the plum puree ( blend for a long time if you want smoother or we like it more chunky to give it more body. Pour into your chosen molds and leave to set. These have gone down a treat today and we spent part of the afternoon reclining in the shade slurping and drooling.
We were so taken with the idea that we have expanded it to tart, stewed cooking apples but any fruit and apricot or berry fruit would be sublime and is only limited by your imagination. What about adding Lemon Grass or Ginger to the mix ?

Adult version of Plum Ambrosia
Serve plum puree over crushed ice in a tall glass with a long spoon, add a sprig of mint and a dash of Cointreau or your preferred liqueur.   Serve with pistachio nuts and if feeling decadent shaved dark chocolate.

Try Peach Schnapps with peach puree and crushed ice.



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