Green Eggs with Ham ? Designer Eggs ?

This is the ultimate in green.

Green hens eggs from an Aracana Hen are quite varied in color - they lay blue and green eggs and bluish green depending if they are crossed with another variety and are said to have lower cholesterol.  Inside they are similar  to normal hens eggs but the ultimate in novelty factor !  Eggshell color is determined by  pigments when eggs are being formed, everyone knows the white and brown eggs but blue and green eggs are a bit of a rarity.

In the case of an Aracana hen the  pigment called oocyanin is responsible for the green-ish blue color and is a product of bile formation.

A very rough guide to egg color in cross breeds :

Blue X Blue                                              = Blue
Blue X White   (eg, Leghorn)                     = Blue
Blue X Brown                                          = Green
Blue X Dark Brown                                   = Olive Brown

The Ultimate in Green


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