Insects – Something to think about !

Something to get you thinking this time

Take a look at this site about insects and protein - I found it fascinating.  It has all the elements of healthy eating, its a snack food, a quick healthy meal, finger food, could be a salad with extras but is not vegan I guess with six times more protein than  fish and beef and its quick and easy to prepare.

Yep, insect cuisine !   Problem from our Western perspective would be getting our heads around the whole thing but its green, it rids the planet of insect "pests" and could be pretty sustainable, its not over processed, no additives, emulsifiers or additives and could be as instant as you like !   There is a steady supply, they are inexpensive and found everywhere.

What is it   ?  Take a look here and find out ...



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  2. Well, I believe that clears up a couple of issues for myself. How about anybody else?

  3. Point is, will you be investigating your garden for possible food sources any time soon ? :)

  4. I feel more men and women have to read this, incredibly beneficial info.


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