Olive Oil Uses and Tasting Olive Oil

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Would you expect to find an Olive Grove in the middle of rural New Zealand ?  In Winter ?

Aren't they normally in the Mediterranean ?

In a sheltered valley, off the beaten track there is an olive grove where  local olives thrive and are picked in the traditional way by hand and cold pressed to give the best flavour and quality.

There is a variety of taste sensations to savour and enjoy from spicy, zesty, herby and citrus flavours, to nutty and peppery and through the whole range and a great olive oil can make a huge difference to your culinary endeavours especially when  you use a good quality extra virgin olive oil

Did you know that olive oil tasting is like wine tasting ?  The oil needs to have a good nose on it and a really experienced olive oil taster can recognise the characteristics instantly. If olive oil  has an full and complex aroma then the oil will also be rich and full  and will be just the ticket to drizzle over all kinds of dishes to spice them up and add interest.

Uses of Olive Oil
  • Add olive oil to vegetarian dishes and meals to enhance the flavour
  • Add it to salads and stir fries
  • Pop it on mashed potatoes
  • Drizzle it over grilled patties and tofu
  • Cook runner beans with summer savory and drizzle olive oil over and sprinkle with herbs
  • Add olive oil to pizza, foccacia and flatbreads
  • Drizzle over hummus
How to taste Olive Oil
  • Hold the oil up to your nose to inhale the aroma
  • Dip small pieces of bread in the oil and inhale the aroma
  • Put the  bread dipped in oil into your mouth and draw in through your teeth to get the full effect and allow all the flavours to disperse through your palate before swallowing and enjoying the  health benefits of  extra virgin olive oil.
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